Movies that will break your heart.



Yes, I know that is have been a long time since I wrote in English, but university and a lot  (really a lot) of paperwork kept me busy and stress. So now I've time and I'll try to write a lot more! Well, I need inspiration too, so let's keep the fingers crossed for that.

Dedicate to that movies, that movies that make us cry like babies.

Something like that.

So, the first one on this very short list is "One Day". 
And the first I think is : OMG THAT MOVIE IS SO FREAKING SAD.

Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess) and Emma Morley (Anne Hathaway) meet on 14 July 1988 after their graduation from the University of Edinburgh. They spend the night together but agree to be just friends, and plan to spend the following day together, the 15th, St.Swithun's day. The film chronologically reconnects Dexter, Emma or both of them on that one day over the next 18 years after they go their separate ways.

Advice: Do not google it, spoilers everywhere.

This movie is from 2011, but you can watched every year (like I do) and it never gets older. The movie have many reasons why I love it, there's Anne Hathaway with a british accent, there's a really interesting love story that have peculiar story behind, is not the type "best friends falling in love" there's more. Over the years, every 15 July everything's different, and I think that's why I kinda like it. I don't know what's going to happen with their lives, and when the movie finally show it, is pure reality, is not a magic fairy tail where everything is perfect, no, because not  everything is perfect immediately after graduated from college, is actually worse. I love the true of the movie, the love story, and it breaks my heart because you watch every struggle of them for being happy and the end is just... heartbreaking. Not spoilers, but OMG.
I cried.

The next one and more new is "Love, Rosie"

Love, Rosie tells the story of two close friends , Rosie and Alex. Since childhood, they had trusted each other and were told their secrets and confidences. In his time of institute , two men made ​​plans to go to college together , but before it reached him that day , Rosie for a night of madness and debauchery with one of the most popular high school boys become pregnant . The intentions of each changed radically since that night , but their friendship remained above all . They kept their relationship for many years , even into adulthood , when her children were teenagers.

Ok, so this movie, is pretty typical, best friends from highschool protecting each other from everything. But when they decide to do different things for the future everything seems to change. Specially for a pregnancy alert. I love the fact that they touch this "teenage pregnancy"  theme like something that change your life but you can still being alive and you just have to assume what you did. I like how they have just completely different lives, but when they see each other is like nothing change. And he's like a perfect gentleman I've to say it. We all know how is going to end but the way until that moment is pretty good to see.
The many parts where you heart is broken is all because of her. Ok, not all, but the major part.
Girls just being girls.
Pretty good movie! :)

So I think this is all I've to say about this movies. Not spoilers so I will let you the Trailers so you can watch for yourself and don't doubt about watched it.   

Love Rosie            One day 

Even the trailers break your heart :(

Recommended for those days when you feel sad, or just not in the mood. 
Just watched it! They touch you like right there in the heart... 

Have an amazing weekend! :D

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