Welcome September! :D



Hey! How's everybody doing :D! So I decide to do this Welcome to September post for my english monthly (I finally decide it) post.

So, my life is being a mess right now, trying to figure it out everything, but keeping all together. Back to school too! I'm such a nerd, so I like it.

Today I will dedicate this special post to my list-to-do for this very beautiful month! :)
I love spring so in a way I love September, and October ('cause is my birthday!)
Guess how old Am I!
You would never know. (yeah is on my description.)

So yes, I've lot of expectations for this month, don't ask why, I just do.
Maybe is because I'm getting old and is time to make me responsible for my life (never is to late haha.)

And I decide it to make it handwritten! Because I really really want to draw something, and this is a good excuse :D

Hope you like it :)

And I'm really sorry, is not like my best paint but I try. Sorry.

So, things to do:

1- STUDY, like a lot. 
Back to university is not so easy.

2-Finish the books "Paula" (Isabel Allende) and "When God was a rabbit" (Sarah Winman)
Yeah, I was reading this books on my winter holidays but I never finish them, so I hope I can do it in this month and tell you about them :D

3-Finish to watch "The Flash"
Actually I'm watch it right now. SO GOOD!
Obsessed with Barry.

4- Paint more.
I bought an aquarel pencils and a lot of new things for aquarel things, so yes, I should paint more.

5-Planning the vlog.
Of the trip I've told you a lot of times :D

*My extra thing*
Try to draw.
I love Illustrations so I really want to try, just for fun :)
Important dates!

 26 September: Anniversary.
26-29 September: Trip to Santiago /concert.
Santiago Gets Louder baby.

18-20 September: Holidays
A lot of food.

And some Exam Dates that i have not yet.
But that's not important right now haha

And that is all my dear readers :D
I hope you like, and can enjoy to the idea to do something like this :)
I'm trying to get better on my paint and all that stuffs, 'cause I really suck :(

Have a good weekend!

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