Why I love Catfish even more now.



Hi my dear and lovely readers! :) 

Well, I would like to officially announce , that I'll be doing some posts (really random) in English! I hope that nobody gets upset about this news (maybe  nobody really cares!)
But but but my blog has a translate on the right side , so if you want you to translate this to any language you can do it :) (maybe is not the best translation, sorry :c)

 You may have been wondering (or maybe not haha), why I decide to do this, that's twice harder actually (for me), because my native language is Spanish and yeah I misspelled words in Spanish everyday  and I even spoke bad some words and it's pretty funny haha but! Looking at my blog stats there's a lot of people (less than 50 but that's not important thing) from U.S.A and New Zealand who reads my blog (Hoping that the stats don't lie, 'cause I love NZ) So, I though in this, write at least one post weekly or monthly (I'm not very sure yet), in english. I want to know new people, new bloggers, new things, and get to new people know me around this little world :) And improve my english. I haven't speak or write English since my exchange in NZ, so yeah, two years it's a lot.

So, WELCOME! To this first post entirely in english (at least I try haha). 

Today I will write one reason more for: Why I love Catfish even more now.

So, in a past post I write about Catfish and the multiple reason why I love it. Well like I have so much time now I watch the Catfish Documental, that was actually the beginning of this wonderful tv show. (Sounds like I'm in love with this show, maybe I am.)

I watched it here ! It does not have the best resolution, but have good subtitles!

So, I love catfish more now because here we can see how everything began. The documental starts like almost a homemade video,and I'm pretty sure that the intention at the very start, it wasn't type this catfish situation, because they didn't have a clue what was the real deal with Nev and all this thing.

The story begin about how Nev get related with this little girl named Abby. He was (and I believed that he still is) a professional photographer and along with his brother and a friend have in that time a production company of  movie/photography related with a several dance companies in NY ( In the movie they explain it a lot better hahha) 

So Nev took a photo of a dancers and it get published and on the week he received a painting of his photo from a girl called Abby. Here's where the catfish thing begin! So Nev got involved with all the family (mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.) of this little gir call Abbyl (she was like 8 years old) specially with his old sister call Megan. So here was when I started to feel bad for him :( everything gets really suspicious and yeah, we know what was going to happened.
I don't want to be a spoiler person, but it's very similar to what happen on Catfish the tv Show, but on my opinion:

The movie make me feel like I was part of all this mystery that was around this apparently normal family, and also make me feel closer to Nev  because you can't have such a cold heart to did not feel sorry for him :( 
 And give me to understand a little bit more why he wants to help to the other people to meet with the "love of their lives", sometimes make it by your own could be dangerous, and heartbreaking. 
And I love the idea that it's really not a big production, like there's not makeup artists, or producers, or thousands of cameramen, there's just two cameras, and just them. Like reality 100%.

That's why I love catfish even more now. They give me a reason. And I accepted.
No regrets at all! I love it.

* I planned watched it a long time ago, but there was not time. *

I recommend it for cold days or sundays, with a tea or coffee whatever you prefer :)

I hope that my english it isn't too horrible, and I used a translator sometimes because I keep forgetting words. (like translator.)

Let me get what you think about this post on the comments! I'll be doing some more :)

Love, hugs, and Have a wonderful week!

PS: Seguiré escribiendo en español también! Si a alguien le interesa jajaj. Espero que les guste la película/documental. :3

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